Mary Poppins Saved The Day

February 15, 2017


This is one of my favorite BTS pictures from the indie mockumentary, Love Chronicles of the Cape, I did in 2015. I played a journalist and often was mistaken for a crew member on set which I suppose means I looked and played the part well enough to fool the audience. In an effort to market the film, the director/writer (Dan Steadman to the right), my co-lead (Chris Murphy on the far left) and I took a picture with the talent from each scene. It gave them something to use to self-market and promote the project.  We quickly took this picture in the rain after wrapping the scene and went on our way.


When I went back to view the image, I couldn't help but laugh. Do you see the irony? It's like one of those games you find on a magazine page as you wait for your kid's pediatric appointment . . . "Can you find 10 things wrong on this page?" Well, you only need to find one this time.


Usually a gentleman will hold an umbrella over a lady's head when it's raining. Not this time. This sweet guy thought it best to put it over the handsome male lead in the film. And it was even MY umbrella. LOL!


Which brings me to the actual point of this blog . . . an umbrella. Defined curved fabric pulled across bendable thin pieces of metal ready to break at any moment. It can seem like a life-saver until it gets a mind of its own when a gust of wind blows under its skirt.


A few months after this picture, I began to plan a huge fundraising event - the HOPE Event - in Nashville, Tennessee benefiting Robin's Nest Children's Home.  Living in St. Louis meant that I was working remotely, but occasionally traveled east for meetings and prepping. On one such short trip, I found myself without an umbrella on a very wet day.  There was no way around getting wet as I had to enter and exit my car frequently with all the up-coming stops. So, I asked Siri to guide me to the nearest store (she's always so helpful . . . it's like having a personal assistant at the palm of my hand). I quickly headed inside and found a carousel of umbrellas, but instead of grabbing one and leaving, I hesitated. 


You ever get that feeling? Nope . . . not talking about constipation. Nor am I talking about hunger pains. Get your head out of the gutter . . . or in this case, the toilet and fridge.


I'm talking about that still, small voice. That gentle nudge urging you to do something or say something or maybe even stay silent. Well, an idea immediately came to mind and it didn't make any sense.


"You should buy two umbrellas."  


What? I know I like to be well prepared and always save for a rainy day (pun intended) . . . but that feels like a waste of money when I only need one to cover my petite stature and I have plenty back home in my closet.


But, I decided to follow that gut-instinct. As I walked back outside to my car, I noticed a woman struggling to pack her groceries into her vehicle. And then everything made sense.  She wasn't struggling because the bags were too heavy, but her umbrella had a tantrum and was not getting the job done.


I pulled out the mysterious second umbrella and handed it to her. She was quite surprised to say the least, but also grateful for the gesture.


I love this story. Not because of anything I did, but because I have found in life that God throws "random" thoughts and ideas my way . . . and when I actually act on them, they turn out to be a blessing not just to me, but to others as well.


Be aware of the needs around you and don't be afraid to try something that seems to not make sense. Helping another is never a mistake.  


As Mary Poppins so cleverly put it, "Anything can happen if you let it!"

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