12 Shades of Grey

April 19, 2017

This picture says it all. Wouldn't you agree? Sexy yet strong. Intriguing yet frustrating. Those little cans of paint . . . those 12 shades of grey . . . endless trips to the home improvement store. Not because we couldn't make up our mind, but because it took that many attempts to find just the right shade to match our expectations.


We've lived in 5 places in 16 years of marriage and the last one was our longest stay.  We knew it would be difficult to sell it when the time came but we wanted our boys to grow up in a neighborhood where everyday people around them would not always be as pale as them. Not only that but our house butted up to lower-income housing just up the hill so we definitely were surrounded by diversity of many shades.  Not everyone likes being the minority or feel a bit uncomfortable because of the "high call volume but not high crime" area.


After 8 years living on Arrowhead, it was time to move. It was not an easy journey but ultimately we gave our keys to an excited family to our house and we accepted keys to our next adventure.  


I don't know about you but when we move into a new space, I envision each room like a blank canvas ready for my special touch. It's been fun to redesign each house to fit our style (Pottery Barn mixed with IKEA). This new abode of our's presented the largest living room we've ever owned.  Tall ceilings and high windows.  And, we both knew what we wanted . . . grey walls.  Done. Sealed. And approved.


Hold on there little lady . . . not so easy.  I wan't that naive.  I knew that colors look different on the swatch when they actually get on the wall. But I had designed several houses and was confident we could knock this project out with primer and a coat. I think God was laughing from above and decided to put me in my place.  Apparently, that was Home Depot and WalMart.


We primed the walls. We painted the walls and before we even finished, we both realized . . . this isn't it.  Now . . . it's not like a shirt where you try it on in the dressing room and decide it doesn't quite fit right.  You can put it away and take a few minutes to find another option which then only takes a couple minutes - if that - to try on.  


I know you feel my pain. I wanted to live with the color because it took so long to paint, but I knew it would bother me for years and years and years. Might as well get it right. "This isn't going to happen again," I thought to myself.  I'm going to be smarter this time. So, I purchased a few options.  


Nope. None of those worked. Next trip and more options. Nope. Try again over-confident little lady.  12 SHADES OF GREY later, we found the winner. 


Here's the morale of the story . . . don't give up. There are times in life when we find ourselves, countlessly trying the same thing over and over until it works out. Perhaps it's the monotonous tasks at work or the endless studying for class or changing diapers every few hours that turn into years. You have to do the dirty work to appreciate the results.


How many shades are you willing to paint?


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