Sitting On History

June 14, 2017

There I was. Sitting on one of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world. It wasn't that long ago that I climbed to the top of the Amphitheatre in ElJem, Tunisia. I'm an adventurer at heart and it's not uncommon to find me climbing on top of vehicles to get a better camera angle or standing atop an abnormally large ant hill in Uganda to get a higher view of a well being fixed or running down a hillside to meet workers in a field. Believe me . . . I've definitely taken many by surprise! This small, white girl with a big camera in remote parts of the world running over the horizon to meet them.


I think we make our own present and future. We decide if we should take life by the hand or hide behind the fear that grips us and holds us away from incredible experiences. We are a part of history . . . and a part that is yet to be written.


Do you feel insignificant in the plight of the world's needs and problems? Do you believe your actions can make a difference? Do you recognize the gifts and talents you possess to help others?


You're not exempt from making a difference. You ARE a part of the world's history book. The question is what you are writing in YOUR chapter.


People often ask me how I can travel to third-world countries and hear the unimaginable stories and see such poverty. The underlining thought that permeates underneath the question is why go when there is so much hurt and pain in the world? How can you, Jessica, make any difference? How can the effort's of one person truly pierce the darkness of this world?


Good question. But not impossible to answer.


I believe I am responsible for my actions and choices. I am accountable for my decisions. I must be faithful in what I feel I am asked to do. It's not that hard. All it requires is a step of faith. An open heart and open eyes to proactively see others with value, beauty, and worth the fight.


If no one took a step, where would we be? Stuck in the same place! But, if we all do our part and strive to make a difference, where would we be? A self-centered world turned upside down always looking toward the needs of others . . . what a beautiful world to live in!


I love the song "Do Something" by Matthew West that speaks of this reality. Seeing a world full of trouble and blaming Heaven, but not realizing that we are the answer. We are the change-agents. We were created to love.



Get on top of that car and see the world in a different view!


How do you want to go down in history? What story are you leaving in the book?


"If not us, then who

If not me and you

Right now, it's time for us to do something

If not now, then when

Will we see an end

To all this pain

It's not enough to do nothing

It's time for us to do something"

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