Light The World

January 3, 2018

There is speculation that if the Earth was flat and you stood on a mountaintop, you could see the flame from a lit candle nearly 30 miles away.  Others argue that the number is much, much smaller, but no matter what you believe, you can't deny that a little flicker can make a big difference.


Don't underestimate what one little spark can do. A campfire that started small to simply roast marshmallows, but continues to grow can destroy an entire forest. An ignored dripping faucet can turn into a large water bill at the end of the month. And one man's hatred can wipe out an entire nation.


I find that people often forget the power they possess. The power of choice. And those decisions can add to the darkness and evil in this world or they can light up a community in productive and positive ways.  


What will you choose to do? Stay silent? Hide in the corner? Blend into the void? Or will you choose to use your gifts and talents to impact the world?


All it takes is ONE. One person. One community. To be the catalyst for change.


I remember a hymn that we sung in church growing up called Pass It On. One particular line has always stuck with me . . . "It only takes a spark to get the fire going."  So TRUE!!!! Your light can ignite change, starting a multitude of fires that burn bright in the darkness.


With the right conditions, fire can spread quickly. Wikipedia describes how a chain reaction works . . . "positive feedback leads to a self-amplifying chain of events."  Love this explanation because it clearly depicts how a simple flicker . . . a positive word, a small act of kindness . . . can have a long and lasting impact in this world.


Don't sit around in the dark waiting for someone else to make the move . . . because that time may never come. No excuses. Get off your butt and be that blinding light in the dead of night. Shine like the stars in the heavens.


I heard a speaker on the last day of 2017 encourage hundreds in the auditorium to be tiny greatness the world needs. See . . . you can't solve world hunger alone, but you can be faithful to feed one person. You can't wipe out racism by yourself, but you can be an outward example of inward love and acceptance. You can't rid the streets of hate, but you can be a voice of forgiveness and peace.


As a new year has begun, I challenge you to be the change the world needs. Be the spark that moves mountains. Be the ignition that sets the world on fire. Be a deliberate burning flame that makes a positive difference. And use that flame to refine your hurt and shame into the beautiful person you were created to be.







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