Fight Til The End

February 28, 2018


It was a tough season. A REALLY tough one. One that many would have given up on after only a few unsuccessful games. But not this group of young men. They fought til the end.


My boys go to a quickly-growing private school in Illinois. We love the school, but one of the cons of a small institution is the lack of athletic participants due to class sizes. Every year the school adds the next higher grade level. The oldest class will be seniors next year thus Maryville Christian School will provide education from Kindergarten to senior year from that point on.


This was the first year high school boys basketball was offered and only two freshman came out to play . . . so they pulled up the eighth graders to fill out the team which included my oldest son. The entire season, they played men. Or at least many of them looked like men with their facial hair, driver's license and deep voices. Camden even pointed out to me after a game that some of the opposing players had armpit hair (that comment made me laugh).


To say it was a challenging year would be an understatement. It was like watching David fight Goliath every night, but the big man just wouldn't fall down no matter how many stones we threw (or boulders we tried to launch). But, our young men kept pushing on. They played to the final second  . . . of . . . every . . . game! When many would have given up or given half their strength because they were losing by twenty points, these guys had a different mindset. They were going to fight til the end.


It was a commendable sight despite how hard it was to watch them not experience success. And, it is a stark reminder to apply the same concept and work ethic in our every day lives.


I harp on my kids to give 100% whether they are folding clothes, doing homework or cleaning toilets. No matter the task, you give you're all. You set the standard high. You don't give up because things get tough. 


I'm quite fond of the story Horton Hatches The Egg which is beautifully and comically illustrated in the movie Horton Hears A Who!  If you're not familiar with the classic Dr. Seuss story, it involves an elephant keeping his promise to protect a small community living on a tiny plant . . . no mater the cost and no matter what others thought of him.


Click the picture to watch a short clip.


My favorite phrase from the movie is . . . 


"I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful one-hundred percent."


How much effort do you give in life? How about when things get tough? How about when things are not quite going your way? Do you fight till the end or do you give up? It's not always easy, but great rewards come from perseverance and hard work. Push a little further. A little harder. It's all worth it in the end.


Take some advice from the large floppy-eared mammal and give 100%!


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